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All you need to know about plant and animal product certification in Rwanda.
  | Agriculture & Animal Resources |
Agricultural market information system aims at empowering farmers to enable them make more informed market pricing decisions and ultimately more…
  | Agriculture & Animal Resources |
Get up to date information on agriculture and livestock in Rwanda via the "Noz'ubuhinzi n'Ubworozi" Web-based agriculture extension system.
  | Agriculture & Animal Resources |
The Agriculture Land Information System (ALIS) provides the list, classification, and boundaries of lands and enables MINAGRI to better attract…
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Enjoy Rwanda's business friendly environment. It takes only 6 hours to register a business online.
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Child adoption in Rwanda is governed by both national and international legal instruments

Citizen service charter

  | Minijust Services |
Document containing all services provided by Ministry of Justice to citizen.
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Foreign nationals of eighteen years (18) and above living in Rwanda or abroad who fulfills the necessary requirements as provided for by the Rwandan…
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In case you've been to one of the COVID-19 affected countries, been in contact with a confirmed patient, or you are exhibiting the symptoms, call 114…
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Buy a sports ticket online